About Duibhne

Strong, simple forms and a sophisticated sense of colour define Duibhne’s jewellery. With an emphasis on quality and longevity, each piece is crafted almost entirely by hand, using as few tools as possible.

Taught jewellery by her father, Breon O’Casey, son of Irish playwright Sean O’Casey and a prominent member of the St Ives school, Duibhne often returns to familiar shapes, such as the square, the half-moon, the triangle and the leaf. Necklaces juxtapose different coloured semi-precious stones with tumbled silver or gold beads and handmade pendants. Silver earrings, chains and bangles are hammered for texture and individuality.

Working out of her studio near St Ives and using her father’s original anvil, Duibhne blends shape, colour and texture to create jewellery that is tactile and enduringly beautiful.

Her name is pronounced ‘Divna’!